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Undergrad Research Opportunities

We welcome undergrad students from the fields of Biology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Physics, or Engineering to participate in our research. We are offering projects in computational and experimental neuroscience, including modeling studies, studies in animal behavior and in neurophysiology.

See below available bachelor thesis projects :

Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model for Drosophila melanogaster under ad libitum feeding and starvation conditions.

Research fields: Ecology & Neuroscience

Objective: This collaborative project combines experimental and theoretical approaches aiming to fit a basic DEB model for Drosophila melanogaster and further calibrate it for conditions of ad libitum feeding and food deprivation. The student will conduct a series of experiments to experimentally determine the growth curve of the Drosophila larva under two conditions: ad libitum feeding and starvation. She/he will then analyze her/his data and fit the parameters of the existing DEB model to explain the data.

Experimental supervision is provided by Dr. Thomas Riemensperger, Supervision of data analysis and modeling is provided by Panagiotis Sakagiannis and Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot. The student will take part in regular lab events such as group meetings and journal clubs.

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