Teaching and Training at the Post-Graduate Level At the level of post-graduate training, we are engaging the following schools and...

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Recent preprints Articles and Book Chapters Theses PhD Theses Rost, Thomas (2016) Modeling Cortical Variability Dynamics From Inhibitory Clustering to Context-Dependent Modulationhttp://dx.doi.org/10.17169/refubium-11083...

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Inquiries should be directed to mnawrot@uni-koeln.de Undergrad Research Opportunities We welcome undergrad students from the fields of Biology, Neuroscience, Computer...

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In the Computational Systems Neuroscience group we investigate information processing in nervous systems of different animal models. In an interdisciplinary team we combine theoretical and experimental approaches with the ultimate goal to formulate valid theories and testable model hypotheses.

One major focus of our research is placed on the neuronal processes underlying sensation, memory formation, and decisions in insects. Insects are equipped with highly evolved sensory systems and express complex context-dependent behavior, and they share fundamental mechanisms of neuronal processing with higher animals. Yet, insects have very limited neuronal resources in the order of 100k (flies) to 1Mio (bees and ants) neurons. Thus, insects are of particular interest for studying efficient coding strategies and they are ideally suited for the simulation of biologically realistic brain models.

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