PhD Theses

Rost, Thomas (2016) 
Modeling Cortical Variability Dynamics From Inhibitory Clustering to Context-Dependent Modulation

Dezhdar, Tara (2016)
Unmixing sensory channels encoding mechanical and thermal stimuli

Haenicke, Joachim (2015)
Modeling insect-inspired mechanisms of neural and behavioral plasticity

Sölter, Jan (2015)
Topographic coding principles in olfactory systems

Master Theses

Kuschmann, Malvina (2020)
Variables influencing individual learning performance of Periplaneta Americana in an olfactory classical conditioning task

Springer, Magdalena (2020)
A mechanistic model for reward prediction and extinction learning in Drosophila melanogaster

Neukirchen, Saskia (2020)
Intracranial Fat Bodies in Crested Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos f.d.

Razizadeh, Nasima Sophia (2019)
Representation of isometric wrist movement in the motor and somatosensory cortices of primates

Faxel, Miriam (2019)
Modeling a Biologically Realistic Microcircuit of the Drosophila Mushroom Body Calyx

Jürgensen, Anna Maria (2019)
Learning Induced Plasticity in a Spiking Network Model Inspired by Drosophila Olfactory System

Hindennach, Susanne (2017)
Dynamical Processing of Sensory Information in Antennal Lobe Projection Neurons of the American Cockroach

Schaffrath, Stephan (2017)
Automatic evaluation of scorpion venom fingerprints based on binary statistics

Möller, Timo (2017)
Weight Initialization in Deep Belief Networks

Bachelor Theses

Völk, Max (2020)
Hand Movements and Mental Rotation of Three-Dimensional Objects

Bulk, Janice (2018)
Classical olfactory conditioning in harnessed cockroaches Periplaneta americana

Pinger, Katharina (2017)
Operante Konditionierung an der Kakerlake Periplaneta americana

Dahlhoff, Alice (2017)
Conditioning and Operant Testing in the Cockroach Periplaneta americana in a Forced-Choice Task